Our Team

We’re a dedicated bunch here at AguaDrone, and more importantly, we’re a family. Our focus is to deliver innovative products that challenge the way we interact with the world around us, and we are excited to share them with you. So if you have a question, about our product or want to learn more about our team send us an email or give us call!

Daniel Marion

CEO and creator of the AguaDrone has been an avid fisherman, entrepreneur and inventor his entire life. Owning several bait & tackle fishing stores and multiple successful construction companies, Daniel has combined his passion for fishing with his common sense approach to solving problems to develop the AguaDrone. His ingenuity and unique approach to creating opportunity lends itself well to the team at AguaDrone.

Jeff Wurzbach

Jeff Wurzbach, formally of 3D Robotics, a hardware engineer with an extensive background in SUAV, UAV development is AguaDrone’s lead hardware developer. Jeff has spent the last several years as a developer for various SUAV and UAV companies and commercial projects, taking product from concept to store shelves on numerous occasions. Jeff’s extensive SUAV background and electrical engineer knowledge lends itself well to the AguaDrone team.

Chris Marion

COO and co-developer of the Aguadrone brand, has spent nearly the last decade on Active duty as a commissioned officer and a member of the US Army Reserve for more than 20 years. His background includes multiple command positions, both state-side and forward deployed to combat environment, and various positions in operations and logistics. His passion for brand-building, marketing and all things entrepreneurial have been a great asset to the team at AguaDrone.

Randy Hinton

A former Kiowa helicopter pilot for the Army, an aviation expert and entrepreneur at heart, is AguaDrone’s Business Developer. His background includes aviation, strategic quality control and business development. He has a history of successful start-ups with other veteran owned organizations, and when not flying helicopters, Randy can be found working hard to make AguaDrone a success.

Captain Gregg Gawitt

Partner and our go-to guy for field research. Greg is the owner of one of the west coast’s most successful charter boat fishing companies, Aztec & Pride Sport-fishing. When Greg isn’t conducting field tests for AguaDrone he is operating both the Pride and Aztec charter fishing vessels, taking customers on deep sea fishing excursions and reeling in the big ones. Gregg’s 18 plus years of experience in commercial and charter fishing industries and his love for all things drone related make him a great partner at AguaDrone.

Ryan Malham

Ryan Malham, our direct sales and customer relations guru, has worked around the globe as a sales, media & marketing manager. Before coming on board with Aguadrone Ryan was developing media products for the Department Of Defense and Afghanistan Ministry of Defense, supporting both agencies against the war on terror. Ryan has over 20 years of experience in customer service, sales, marketing, trade show exhibitions, and media production. Ryan’s primary focus at Aguadrone is managing events, trade shows, consumer shows, event sales and in-house media.